Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Efficient Public Services Delivery

Towards more efficient public service delivery

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have the potential to remodel public service delivery making it more transparent, reliable and efficient.
Ananta Centre and KPMG India are organising a series of seminars to discuss the potential of applying these technologies across domains and platforms of service delivery.

Better understanding. Broader consensus.

Most narratives around technology innovation focus on a few specialists and technocrats. As a result those who will be impacted by the these technologies or, will be a part of the process that implements them, remain largely ignorant of the potential of the innovation.

It is for this reason that the Ananta Centre partnered with KPMG in India worked to develop a platform where this kind of highly technical knowledge could be translated and shared with a broader cross-section of stake-holders. And since these technologies are likely to impact everyone in the near future, the stakeholder group is wide.


  • To educate and spread awareness regarding emerging technologies among the widest cross-section of Indians so that generalists and not only specialists may be able to comprehend these highly technical issues.
  • Convene innovators and thought-leaders so that progressive agendas concerning these technologies may be developed and shared widely. In fact, the inaugural programme included a series of case-study presentations designed to highlight the application of A.I. and Blockchain to the betterment of public service delivery.
  • With KPMG India as knowledge partner, Ananta Centre plans to publish a white paper to serve as a blueprint for the adoption of A.I. and Blockchain in efficient public service delivery.  

Flagship Dialogues

  • Dialogues on Defence
    This non partisan platform brings together relevant stakeholders to define a modern defence vision for the country.
  • Dialogues with Parliamentarians
    This series aims to encourage meaningful exchange between  policymakers and key stakeholder groups.
  • The Series on AI and Blockchain
    This series brings together relevant stakeholder groups to discuss the potential of AI and Blockchain in improving public servuce delivery in India.
  • The Woman Speaks
    This is platform brings together women from different walks of life to flag areas of concern  and explore possible solutions.