Dialogues on Defence

Towards a
modern defence vision

The Ananta Centre Dialogues on Defence is a platform that brings together defence sector stakeholders to help develop a modern defence vision for the country.

Over the years, technology has opened up new theatres of conflict. Consequently, the means of defence and the demands on defensive capabilities have changed dramatically and disruptively. Countries like the US, UK, France, China and Israel are already investing heavily in non-conventional weapons, general AI and robotics. India too needs to ensure that her offensive and defensive capabilities are future-ready and future-proof.

Non partisan platform

As an independent apolitical convening body, Ananta Centre is in the unique position to facilitate this conversation by providing a nonpartisan platform for all defence sector stakeholders to come together and openly examine the various issues and challenges laying before the Indian defence sector.

The Dialogues on Defence series will focus on: India’s strategic international partnerships and joint military exercises, technology upgradation and modernization, partnering with the private sector in defense production, and rationalization of control and command structures.

Objectives of the Series

  • Creating consensus among stakeholders in the Indian defence establishment 
  • Promoting civil society engagement and track-II dialogues in the realm of defence 
  • Creating strategies to strengthen India’s offensive and defensive capabilities
  • Discussing the importance and utility of PPP in promoting indigenous defence production
  • Reviewing India’s international strategic partnerships in the field of defence and discussing ways to strengthen them
  • Assessing India’s position with regard to export control regimes
  • Exploring measures of enhancing technological capabilities in pursuit of modernization of the forces such as a focus on pragmatic training, surveillance capabilities, cyber security, aerospace technology, maritime technology and infantry technology
  • Evaluating issues and challenges faced by the deputed security forces in various regions of the country
  • Assessing offset policies and hurdles in defence procurement procedures in India
  • Reviewing and analyzing the structure and efficiency of the command hierarchy of the Indian defence establishment

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