The Growth Net Summit is intended to catalyse stronger engagement between the countries of the new constellation of growth. These are dynamic economies such South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, Chile and the Gulf Nations, which are rapidly capitalizing on the growth momentum generated by China, India and Brazil, The forum focuses on developing innovative approaches to the common challenges confronting the economies and societies of these countries. This is a unique forum in that it focuses on the new MNCs and those in the making. 

Executive Summaries




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  • The Growth Net Summit
    This forum aims at intensifying engagement between India and countries of the new constellation of growth.
  • India–US Forum
    This dialogue platform aims to promote greater cooperation between the two countries.
  • Strategic Dialogues
    These Track 2 Dialogues with international partners aim to strengthen India’s bilateral and multilateral relations.
  • Ambassador Series
    This moderated conversations with Ambassadors help participants understand the different facets of India's ties with other countries.
  • Foreign Policy Lectures
    The series is an opportunity for students and researchers to interact with thought leaders and understand India’s prime foreign policy challenges and opportunities.